Ask me bitches? Can be anything u want!   Come to me in all your glamour and cruelty, just do that thing that you do and I'll undress you, keep it tight, sometimes the simplest move is right, the melody that you choose, can rescue you, a hybrid can withstand these things, my heart can beat with bricks and strings, my ARTPOP could mean anything, We could, we could belong together, ARTPOP, we could, we could belong together, ARTPOP.. Come to me without your subtext and fantasy, just do that thing that you do, in a perverse hue, lover's kites are flown on beaches for public sight the color palette you choose, can profit you {..} FREE MY MIND ARTPOP, YOU MAKE MY HEART STOP!

The Monster Ball Tour Outfits 

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"What is the most fun place youve taken a ride on a disco stick?”

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